30 April 2009

new prints for sale

new march hare etchings are now available at etsy.

22 April 2009

menace to propriety exhibition

Menace to Propriety
at Fenario Art Gallery
881 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97401 | USA

May 1st Fenario Gallery will be debuting a group show entitled "Menace to Propriety". The show will feature over a dozen artists from all over the nation, including Gilbert Oh, Patrick Haemmerlein, Joshua Witten, Leslie Ditto, Grace Weston, and more. The theme "Menace to Propriety" was designed by curator Chloe Gallagher to underscore the importance of the incendiary side of art. Art's power lies in its ability to inspire discussion and debate... even controversy. This show is conceptualized as an opportunity to bring together an exhibit that will startle, delight, disgust and engage. Building off of the tradition of Duchamp's "The Fountain," this show will be an exercise in pushing boundaries and challenging the nature of art and it's role in society. Works in the show deal with themes of sex, violence and politics in direct, candid and often humorous ways. Art has an ability to express ideas that we often find ourselves too socially constrained to discuss in a pubic format. With "Menace to Propriety" Fenario Gallery hopes to present an opportunity to open channels of discussion, and present provocative subject manner in a natural, unbiased environment where discussion and debate can flow unimpeded. With this show the gallery hope's to embrace the controversial and the innovative, engaging the fine lines between the provocative and the truly shocking. With music and libations provided, and several of the featured artists in attendance the opening is sure to be an exciting night of refreshing art and stimulating conversation. As Gilbert Seles once said, "All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time."

15 April 2009

29th annual national print exhibition

29th Annual National Print Exhibition

April 17 - May 20, 2009
An exciting view of what's happening nationwide
in the printmaker's world.
Opening reception: April 17th, 6-9pm at
artlink contemporary art gallery

a day in the life: the accidental tourist

the accidental tourist

01 April 2009

-from the dry salvages


I sometimes wonder if that is what Krishna meant—
Among other things—or one way of putting the same thing:
That the future is a faded song, a Royal Rose or a lavender spray
Of wistful regret for those who are not yet here to regret,
Pressed between yellow leaves of a book that has never been opened.
And the way up is the way down, the way forward is the way back.
You cannot face it steadily, but this thing is sure,
That time is no healer: the patient is no longer here.
When the train starts, and the passengers are settled
To fruit, periodicals and business letters
(And those who saw them off have left the platform)
Their faces relax from grief into relief,
To the sleepy rhythm of a hundred hours.
Fare forward, travellers! not escaping from the past
Into different lives, or into any future;
You are not the same people who left that station
Or who will arrive at any terminus,
While the narrowing rails slide together behind you;
And on the deck of the drumming liner
Watching the furrow that widens behind you,
You shall not think 'the past is finished'
Or 'the future is before us'.
At nightfall, in the rigging and the aerial,
Is a voice descanting (though not to the ear,
The murmuring shell of time, and not in any language)
'Fare forward, you who think that you are voyaging;
You are not those who saw the harbour
Receding, or those who will disembark.
Here between the hither and the farther shore
While time is withdrawn, consider the future
And the past with an equal mind.
At the moment which is not of action or inaction
You can receive this: "on whatever sphere of being
The mind of a man may be intent
At the time of death"—that is the one action
(And the time of death is every moment)
Which shall fructify in the lives of others:
And do not think of the fruit of action.
Fare forward.
O voyagers, O seamen,
You who came to port, and you whose bodies
Will suffer the trial and judgement of the sea,
Or whatever event, this is your real destination.'
So Krishna, as when he admonished Arjuna
On the field of battle.
Not fare well,
But fare forward, voyagers.

(No. 3 of 'Four Quartets')
T.S. Eliot